Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love this

Jeremy Fields wrote:
I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate those women in the world who truly understand their value and worth. Even further, those that understand that value to be a reflection of their knowledge of self in spirit and character. Those who hold their purpose to their core. Those who have risen above a male dominated society, removed excuses and determined themselves beyond superficial... beauty and sex appeal.

Masks, costumes, seduction and drama are the feeble tools of those who lack character. They are temporary, cheap, shallow and only attract similar patrons. Strong character, purpose, and value create irresistible magnetism and attract those of similar kind who would appreciate and further nurture them.

Ladies, your worth is infinitely greater than your superficial beauty and sex appeal. Don't sell yourself short by spending all of your time and energy appealing to those who would never appreciate you beyond them. Invest yourself in perfecting your character, it will never fail you. True beauty is humble and exists beyond what the eyes can see. Be whole and irresistible in the quality of your character, don't just look the part. God is within you and heaven is throughout you. Know this and appreciate yourself beyond the mirror.

Sunday, November 6, 2011 on OWN

I just finished watching Visionaries on OWN featuring I felt truly inspired, inspired enough to write this post.

This man, is such a passionate and creative man. He's authentic and driven. At times I've wanted to give up on my dreams, especially because I'm not a young woman anymore.  I've thought many times that it's never going to happen, but never gave up and look what he's done. He travels the world sharing his passion with millions of people.

Never give up on yourself, because you are worth it! You are special and unique. Always remember this, even in your darkest days. Don't forget to shine, the world needs you. : )

Check out on OWN.

Have a fabulous day!

Darkstar Woman.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just One Thing: Developing A Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time

You never know what your going to find on the web. I was looking through my emails when I came upon a link to this book. One of my family members has another book by this author and she highly recommends it. So I scrolled through the introduction and the first chapter and it looks really good.

I'm always interested in making a happier life for myself, and this book looks like it provides a lot of useful tools to help create a great life. This is where science meets self-help.

Click here to read more.

 The book's description

You’ve heard the expression, “It’s the little things that count.” Research has shown that little daily practices can change the way your brain works, too. This book offers simple brain-training practices you can do every day to protect against stress, lift your mood, and find greater emotional resilience. Just One Thing is a treasure chest of over fifty practices created specifically to deepen your sense of well-being and unconditional happiness.

                     Just one practice each day can help you:

                                                                -Be good to yourself  
                                                                -Enjoy life as it is

Have a FABULOUS day or evening, wherever you are.

Darkstar Woman.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Who am I without my stuff?!

I wanted to expand a little on yesterday's blog where I wrote about the need to acquire 'stuff.' Obviously we need to have things so that we can live comfortably, but when does this 'stuff' become a problem??

I've been thinking a lot lately about who I am, and how I would feel about myself without all of these external items. Like my home, car, clothes, furniture, etc. I think, well I actually know, I would be lost! I value having 'stuff', I believe it says something about me. I believe it tells people about my success, my competency, and to some; my worthiness.

But here's the thing, I'm not so sure if I want to buy into this belief system anymore. I think it takes a lot of time and effort to acquire so many material items just so that you can live up to a perceived perception of success.

We all want to feel that we're valued, but at what cost? I'm not saying it's not nice to have material items, but when the external becomes more important than the internal then that's where the problem lies.

Well on to my next project, that of building up my inner strength, so that I know who I am and what I really want out of life. I hope some of you will put down your wallets, and build up your internal self-worth with me. Good-luck!

Here's a few funny cartoons on self-worth....enjoy. ;  ) 


In my search for pictures to add to this post, I came upon this woman's site this is her ramblings on 'stuff.' Different then mine, yet quite interesting and inspiring.

Darkstar Woman

Saturday, October 22, 2011

John's Journal

I was just browsing through some of the other blogs here on and I ran across a blog called, John's Journal. John is an American who spent just over a year living in Europe.While I was looking through his blog I came upon a posting called, 'Reverse Culture Shock' this post is about his return to the States and his observations about the differences between the U.S and  Europe.

He made a list of points about the differences and the last point is what made me want to write this post. He talked about how he was overwhelmed with all the stuff in his closet after arriving home. This made me think about my lifestyle as a North American.

I do think I tend to buy things I don't need or overspend instead of save. I find at times I end up going to the store because I'm bored and it can add some interest to my day.

I'm definitely not a big spender at all, but just the little things can make me feel better. In the past I've asked myself why I buy so much? And a lot of times I think, 'what else is there to do?' What I mean by this is that I think society and of course myself is geared to shopping or spending money or some sort.

Maybe this is just a lame excuse of mine, but I find that there's not a lot of exciting or interesting things to do out in the wild, wild world that doesn't cost money. It actually makes me sad to see rural spaces turn into urban ones. My challenge, and I'm going to send this challenge out to all of you who tend to "have too much stuff in their closets",  is to put forth a concerted effort to find fun and fascinating things to do that doesn't include spending money.

Maybe it will be a new adventure we're on together, maybe we'll all end up with a little (hopefully a lot) of money in our pockets.

Thanks John from the U.S for writing this post, I believe you definitely have a point.

John's blog can be found here . And here's a link to an article about overspending.

Cheers, have a great day!

Darkstar Woman

Thursday, October 20, 2011


So I signed up for AdSense a few days ago; they display ads on your blog and you get a small fee. I thought why not, I'm a entrepreneurial woman?! But now I see that the ad they've put on my blog about learning to accept the aging process, is for a product by Suzanne Somers that  tightens and tones your skin!!

I guess they take the key words from your blog and put an ad up that seems the most relevant. But now I look like an ASS! So I apologize for the ad, and HOPEFULLY I can get them to replace it with an appropriate one. Maybe they'll figure out that they should read the blog before they put their adds up on a bloggers site.

But again, I guess this proves my point. Another example of a product that promotes youth. Where are the products that celebrates aging?! Now I'd buy that!

From a very embarrassed and slightly miffed Darkstar Woman.

Oh yes I forgot, one other thing to explain. A little while back I blogged about how the average person sees approximately 5000 ads a day, give or take a thousand. I complained about the fact that ads are being pushed on us and how they're getting into our psyches if we like it or not. So AGAIN I must apologize for now promoting ads. Ahhhh, I'm such a bad person! Anyway I'm sorry, divert your eyes if you must from the Ads and just look at my bad ass blogging. : ) I thought I would try to earn a little extra cash and AdSense was an option.  Phew! I'm now done apologizing, now I can relax! Have a great day/night where ever you dwell.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yikes I'm Aging!!

So I was washing my face this evening and was thinking about the creams and moisturizers that I use to help keep my skin clean and healthy. And I was also thinking about the products that I use on occasion that claim to help me keep my skin looking younger.

Then I thought, 'What's wrong with aging?!' Yes, I am aging! I'm not young anymore, although I'm not really, really old yet either. But why do I really care to look younger when I'm not?! So here's my answer, I want to look young because I'm told that I SHOULD want to look young, but the reality is that I'm not.

And somehow I've learned somewhere that it's not really okay to grow older then the age of 29. Why is it not really that okay to age? Does aging, growing old, and wrinkling mean that I'm getting less attractive? Apparently it does to me. Here I am, an aging woman, believing that younger is better and older is to be covered up with creams.

 Poor me, things can only go downhill from here! : (  I'm only going to get older. All those products that claim that they'll make me look younger, are just going to keep adding up because I'll need more and more of them to hold back the years!

Here I am with this problem. I'm stuck aging, but I don't want to feel bad about it. I guess I'll have to think differently about my own aging process. So here's my solution to my problem; with aging comes wrinkles, greying, etc. but so too does WISDOM! From now on I'm going to say to myself as many times as it takes, 'Aging is beautiful!!!'

Now that I'm wise...tee hee....I've realized it's better to be happy than being younger, slimmer, or richer. Happiness is the key to living a fulfilled life.

I'm going to start taking my power back baby!

Darkstar Woman

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