Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love this

Jeremy Fields wrote:
I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate those women in the world who truly understand their value and worth. Even further, those that understand that value to be a reflection of their knowledge of self in spirit and character. Those who hold their purpose to their core. Those who have risen above a male dominated society, removed excuses and determined themselves beyond superficial... beauty and sex appeal.

Masks, costumes, seduction and drama are the feeble tools of those who lack character. They are temporary, cheap, shallow and only attract similar patrons. Strong character, purpose, and value create irresistible magnetism and attract those of similar kind who would appreciate and further nurture them.

Ladies, your worth is infinitely greater than your superficial beauty and sex appeal. Don't sell yourself short by spending all of your time and energy appealing to those who would never appreciate you beyond them. Invest yourself in perfecting your character, it will never fail you. True beauty is humble and exists beyond what the eyes can see. Be whole and irresistible in the quality of your character, don't just look the part. God is within you and heaven is throughout you. Know this and appreciate yourself beyond the mirror.

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