Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Many Ads Do You See a Day?

So I was taking to this woman yesterday about self-image and society. She said, 'Did you know, that the average person sees approximately 5000 advertisements a day?' I was shocked and in disbelief. I thought how is that possible, 5000 ads?! That didn't seem right, I knew I had to find out the answer so I did a little research and believe it or not she was right.

This woman went on to explain that a great percentage of those ads are directed towards women and their appearance, and that even if we are not intentionally absorbing these ads like reading magazines, or watching t.v, these ads are everywhere you turn and our minds are unintentionally absorbing them. Ads are everywhere, on bus stops, benches, billboards, on our phones, on the internet, on BLOGGER, and so on and so on! It's definitely overwhelming.

It seems like it's almost a little bit like brainwashing, okay a lot like brainwashing! Scary!! Anyone would have a hard time turning their backs on that amount of messages sent their way.

We are being targeted to buy, buy, buy! We are shown that we should have the newest gadgets, the best clothes, the best homes, the best diets, etc. But do all of these material items really make us happier? The ads will just keep on coming, and we will never have enough.

There is this guy named Timothy Leary, he was activist in the 1960's I believe. He told people to think for themselves and question authority. I never really bought into the questioning authority part. Although that may make me sound naive, what I mean is I thought obeying laws and following rules was important. But as I grow older and now that I have a family of my own, I'm starting to see things differently.

As children we are for the majority of our growing up, told what to do and what to think. But as adults I think it's so important to question everything we are taught as children. It's important to know if what you're parents told you about life makes sense in your adult life. Also what you were told by your teachers, religious figures, the media, your peers, and society, does it work for you now? As for myself I feel like I'm waking up, and now I'm asking myself that important question, does this fit for me?? Does seeing 5000 ads a day work for me?? I think not.

Here's a link to an article about the same issue:


Darkstar Woman


Andrew Cotterell said...

Love this! :) one of my favourite quotations;

“Do not accept answers as definitive. Answers change. Questions don’t. Always question those who are certain of what they are saying. Always favor the person who is tolerant enough to understand that there are no absolute answers, but there are absolute questions.” Eliezer Weisel.

Darkstarwoman said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Andrew. I really like the quotation ; )

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