Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To my evolution....cheers!

It's hard not too be affected by people, hey we live amongst 6 billion or so of them. Obviously it's quite hard not to be. So staying on my path, the right path is sometimes hard. I try to speak my truth, but at times, when in difficult situations my truth can be confusing.

The other day I got into an emotional conversation with someone. It had been a LONG time coming and I didn't say everything that I really wanted to, but I said enough and some of what I had to say was with a lot of anger. It was an intense conversation, and it was hard not to get angry. But I wonder now, did I say too much?

Because I'm EVOLVING, I'm starting to do things differently. It's almost like I'm having to relearn who I am and how to do things all over again. And having healthy, productive relationships; which includes communicating in healthy ways is one of them. Part of me questions what I said to this person, these issues with this person had been eating me up for years, but on the other hand, did I have to say all that I said??

I don't know. I do feel better, because I was honest with the person. But I have this other part of me that's saying, 'was it really necessary, did it really change anything?' That person is who they are, and just because at times they drive me crazy with their egotist ways, is it my right to tell them what I think of them??

I don't know, and I guess that's life. Sometimes we say or do things that we're not too sure about, and sometimes we'll never know if it was the right or wrong thing to do. But all I have to say is, that after I said what I had to say, I felt RELIEF!!

So I believe I have to suck it up, and deal with what's coming, and stand in my own truth. LIFE!!! It can be hard, but I feel there's always something to be learned.

Peace out! And keep evolving. ; )

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