Friday, August 12, 2011


So I've been trying to manage my life. What works, what doesn't, which direction should I go in, etc? Am I a good manager, am I providing a supervisory role, giving direction and encouragement wisely?? Hmmmm....well, I think I've been doing about average, and I think I could improve upon my role greatly.
I've started to make a list of things I need/want to accomplish in my life. I've been thinking about making this list for a long time, but of course I procrastinated. But I put the procrastination finally behind me and done it. I have accomplished to put three goals on it so far. 1. Finish my schooling  2. Learn more about photography  3. CLEAN MY HOUSE!! Number three doesn't seem so exciting, but it's been a long time coming and I know once it looks better, I'll feel so much better! I truly am a home body. I've denied it for years, I didn't want to seem boring and lame, but it's true, 'I love my home!' It's the one place where I pretty much feel safe, it's my cave and I don't have to let anyone in!! : )

So, I've given myself some direction, now I just need to give myself some encouragement. So....GET OFF YOUR ASS DARKSTAR AND DO SOMETHING!!! There now I feel encouraged. lol
Although I was feeling like giving up a little on my new goals, things didn't seem to be going the way I wanted, but doing things like writing a blog seems to organize my thoughts a bit and puts things in perspective.

I really want to achieve my goals, and I'm not getting any younger. Giving up gets me nowhere, and at least if I don't succeed, well at least I tried. I tried, and then if it doesn't work out, especially with the cleaning, then I can move on. :  ) Well, I must keep my employee (me!) on the straight and narrow, and not let her get off track. I better be cracking the whip!

Peace Out!  Darkstar Woman.

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