Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sometimes You Can't Go Back.

FACEBOOK! You know I held off I didn't really contact anyone, except for inviting the people from my email contact list to join; but no one else. Then I got a little more extreverted and decided to find people from my past and send them a note. Well, two out of the four didn't even reply, one did...but he's a nice guy and the last one did reply, but I haven't heard anything since.

Okay so here's the thing....the last past friend dropped me like a bag of potatoes, not just once but twice. How dumb am I to contact this person?!! But I enjoyed our friendship and I never found out what the original problem was. So I'm hurt, I thought she might be excited to hear from me after 10 years, but yet it doesn't seem that way. I tried, I'm hurt, I feel dumb and gosh darn it I'm a TAD angry.

Where's the explaination, where's the truth?? I've been dumped yet again! (Whaa)

The End....for now.

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