Thursday, June 16, 2011


I had a really good heart to heart with someone today. They just listened and then talked a little and then just listened again. Ever have an unexpected cry? It almost comes out of nowhere, but when it's over you feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted off your shoulders? Well that's how good this conversation was just that good. : )

I still have no answer to my question (see posts below). They have no answer for me yet. I'm still scared, but I thank-you my friend for listening to me today, you are a marvelous person. I see you like an amazing flower, your blooming before my eyes. Your approach or should I say your soul is soft, it's softening, and thoughtful and you're becoming the authentic version of yourself. And I was lucky enough to be witness to that today. I was lucky enough to get a part of that.

Until next time my friend.

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