Saturday, June 18, 2011


I am okay. The answer was okay (refer to the post 'Literally) and that's all that counts. I am renewed and feeling hesitantly optimistic. All is well this evening : ) I hope you are well too ; )

I am starting to see the world in a new and bright way. It's not that anything has changed really. Although I have added two new birdie friends to my fold, but it's me, I'm changing. I am slowly liking myself more and more. Finally....relief. I'm letting go of 'STUFF' and I've let go of 'Stuff' before, but this is big. I think it's all  coming together for me because I am willing to go through some of the 'tough shit' and I'm not running away. I'm not running from my feelings. 'Feelings', you may say, 'not running away from feelings?....that's not so hard!.' But when the feelings come from a buried place so deep down inside and they come at you with such intensity, it's hard not to run away. But when I don't run, relief and happiness are my rewards.

Thanks for visiting : ) Till next time.

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