Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ever had an ending that didn't make sense? And there's never really anyway to make sense out of it. Tough one. Wishing I could get an answer, but realizing life moves on.

Seeing the good in someone else, instead of seeing the good in myself. Always trying to find my way back to me. The authentic and happy me.

When we are born we are told that we are cute, smart, funny, tall, small, skinny, fat. But who are we or who were we before we were 'told' who we were? We reacted to our environment and then made a decision over a fairly short period of time about who we were. But who is the essence of 'us?' That is what I am striving for, I am striving for the answer of 'who am I really?'
Will I be happy? I don't know, but I do know that the layers will be cast off, for a time anyway.

Trying to say good-bye to someone, and trying to find the real me. Watch out world....but I don't think you'll notice. It's all about me.

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