Monday, May 9, 2011


I wish had five lives so that I could get it all right. There just isn't enough time in my life. Once you think you've got the basics down, then you realize your just as confused, and unsure of yourself as ever.

'One step at a time', they say...I guess. Each to their own. Unraveling this onion (me) one layer at a time sucks. When does the unraveling stop and when does the living begin? Maybe in the meantime; that's when the living is supposed to be lived, I just haven't gotten there yet. Glimpses, but not there yet.

I've wondered to myself, 'Will I ever be so impervious to the world and it's goings on that I could have a completely blissful day? No drama, no negative thoughts racing through my head, no worries about what's to come?' Maybe that day would be a completely self-actualizing day. But truly how do I get to that day? I guess that is the journey, the never ending quest. Although I hope I do one day get there, before the last day, my last day. Just a glimpse.

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