Saturday, October 22, 2011

John's Journal

I was just browsing through some of the other blogs here on and I ran across a blog called, John's Journal. John is an American who spent just over a year living in Europe.While I was looking through his blog I came upon a posting called, 'Reverse Culture Shock' this post is about his return to the States and his observations about the differences between the U.S and  Europe.

He made a list of points about the differences and the last point is what made me want to write this post. He talked about how he was overwhelmed with all the stuff in his closet after arriving home. This made me think about my lifestyle as a North American.

I do think I tend to buy things I don't need or overspend instead of save. I find at times I end up going to the store because I'm bored and it can add some interest to my day.

I'm definitely not a big spender at all, but just the little things can make me feel better. In the past I've asked myself why I buy so much? And a lot of times I think, 'what else is there to do?' What I mean by this is that I think society and of course myself is geared to shopping or spending money or some sort.

Maybe this is just a lame excuse of mine, but I find that there's not a lot of exciting or interesting things to do out in the wild, wild world that doesn't cost money. It actually makes me sad to see rural spaces turn into urban ones. My challenge, and I'm going to send this challenge out to all of you who tend to "have too much stuff in their closets",  is to put forth a concerted effort to find fun and fascinating things to do that doesn't include spending money.

Maybe it will be a new adventure we're on together, maybe we'll all end up with a little (hopefully a lot) of money in our pockets.

Thanks John from the U.S for writing this post, I believe you definitely have a point.

John's blog can be found here . And here's a link to an article about overspending.

Cheers, have a great day!

Darkstar Woman


John said...

Hey Darkstar -
This is John. So funny that you found my old site. As you could tell I have not written on there in quite some time (I have a new site focused around my career), but just recently was walking around my apartment in Brooklyn where I now live and realized just how much stuff I now own, and how in a way it's nice. I basically lived out of a backpack for a few years of my post college life and never really had much to call my own, to ground me. Now I have that and while I get the urge to pick up and go and just travel, I realize that now when I travel I have a home of my own to come back to. That's pretty nice for me at this point in time.

I'm glad the post made you think, and inspired you to write. I may write out my current thoughts on that site soon. I was considering shutting it down completely, to clean up my online footprint a bit (I'm very active online but know a lot in how to protect my image), but don't think I'll do so now, because of people like you who still benefit from it.

Be well.

Darkstarwoman said...

Thank-you John. I really appreciate your comment. : )

And again thanks for the inspiration.

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