Thursday, October 20, 2011


So I signed up for AdSense a few days ago; they display ads on your blog and you get a small fee. I thought why not, I'm a entrepreneurial woman?! But now I see that the ad they've put on my blog about learning to accept the aging process, is for a product by Suzanne Somers that  tightens and tones your skin!!

I guess they take the key words from your blog and put an ad up that seems the most relevant. But now I look like an ASS! So I apologize for the ad, and HOPEFULLY I can get them to replace it with an appropriate one. Maybe they'll figure out that they should read the blog before they put their adds up on a bloggers site.

But again, I guess this proves my point. Another example of a product that promotes youth. Where are the products that celebrates aging?! Now I'd buy that!

From a very embarrassed and slightly miffed Darkstar Woman.

Oh yes I forgot, one other thing to explain. A little while back I blogged about how the average person sees approximately 5000 ads a day, give or take a thousand. I complained about the fact that ads are being pushed on us and how they're getting into our psyches if we like it or not. So AGAIN I must apologize for now promoting ads. Ahhhh, I'm such a bad person! Anyway I'm sorry, divert your eyes if you must from the Ads and just look at my bad ass blogging. : ) I thought I would try to earn a little extra cash and AdSense was an option.  Phew! I'm now done apologizing, now I can relax! Have a great day/night where ever you dwell.

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