Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is so true, I love this

A friend of mine posted this image on facebook, and I totally have to agree with Malcolm X on this one.
         The newspapers and the media in general aren't always so blatant about oppressing people, but it's how they say things. They can twist words or put a negative slant on a certain type of people. They can subtly change peoples points of view about a certain section(s) of our population. These media types aren't always swaying our views intentionally but many times they are. Control and money, that's what I believe a lot of this is about. Because if you have the control, then you have the money.

The messages being pushed on us are that we must be a certain type of person, you must look a certain way, you must live a certain way and you must buy certain products or you are just not as good as the guy or girl that does buy into the messages. I believe in one way or another we have all been given this message. And I believe many of us have bought into it. I know I have, I know I have let the media sway my thinking and alter my perspective of the world.

Reading and taking in new information through these sources is obviously going to happen. But when do you know when your opinion has been tainted by outside sources? I think the images and messages in the media are sometimes so strong and are spewed out on such a massive scale, that we really aren't aware that we're being so heavily influenced by these people.

I believe that hatred keeps people in check. So many of us conform, some of us in subtle ways and others more obvious, but no one wants to be put down, or judged or even hated. So in the end, many of us bow down to the oppressors.

Again with the Timothy Leary quote "Think for yourself, and question authority."

Have a fantastic day ; )

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