Saturday, August 6, 2011

Still waiting....but still the pain

So tonight I put myself out there, and I was squashed. Harsh, so harsh. I guess I'm still searching for approval, from people, but in this situation it was complete strangers.

It would be so easy if there were no other people in the world. I would probably dance naked and eat whatever I wanted. But of course I wouldn't/couldn't do those things because I would be JUDGED!! I'm totally trying to build up my self-confidence and not let rejection pull me down so far, but people can be so mean and it's just not fair. Yes I'm whining, but more so I'm mad. Apparently I have a long, long way to go until I get passed this issue. : ( Although I have a sinking feeling that I'll probably never totally get over it!

Too bad though, it would be so nice. Maybe just maybe then, I would dance naked.  :  )


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